Frequently Asked Questions

What is Commercial HVAC?

A commercial HVAC system provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to a commercial building. Usually, these systems have relatively large outdoor units that sit on roofs, but some commercial ductless systems feature slim outdoor units that can fit alongside of buildings or even on window ledges.

What is a Planned Maintenance Agreement

Planned maintenance is performed on a system at regular intervals that will lessen the chance of a malfunction or total breakdown. The services included vary from each type of system and can be customized to meet the needs of the system and the facility.

Why is Maintenance so important?

Maintenance should be a top priority. You simply can’t expect a neglected mechanical system to operate as efficiently as a well-maintained one. Monroe Piping & Sheet Metal offers comprehensive commercial HVAC maintenance in Western, NY. Our services benefit you in several ways:

  • Lower your utility bills for a stronger bottom line
  • Reduce equipment breakdowns
  • Minimize the need for mid-season repairs
  • Prolong HVAC system lifespan
  • Promote safer equipment operation

What should I look for in a commercial HVAC service provider?

For the results you expect, it’s important to work with a commercial HVAC service provider that has experience and industry longevity. Look for a contractor that emphasizes customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional HVAC performance and efficiency every time.

At Monroe Piping & Sheet Metal, we’re proud to lead the commercial HVAC services industry here in Western New York and the Finger Lakes. We provide everything from ductwork design to HVAC maintenance to refrigeration installation and replacement. We’ve proven our ability to satisfy customers for over 55 years, and we’re ready to be your next HVAC partner!