3D Scanning & Modeling

3D Scanning & Modeling

Our 3D Modeling capabilities have a wide variety of uses, all of which lead to greater efficiency and cost savings for our clients. Here is an example of what we could do on a piping project.

We can use laser scanning to capture the existing plant, which can reduce the pre-construction field time by as much as 90% and eliminate the need for scaffolding to get measurements.  Having the laser scan allows us to model your new piping and provides you a chance to view your new installation before it is fabricated.

Our highly accurate models enable us to fabricate the new piping without field welds, and have everything fit up the first time.


  • Coordination among different MEP trades
  • Revit MEP 3D Modeling
  • Collision detection
  • Builder’s working drawings
  • Fabrication and Shop drawings
  • Parametric modeling as well as library creation for the HVAC and MEP components
  • Detailed section reviews, schedules and bills of materials

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