MP&SM has installed and serviced Plumbing, Piping and HVAC in a variety of commercial, institutional and industrial projects. The Sewer Service Dept. is equipped to video record inside sewer mains and detect obstructions and breakage. Sewers can be snaked or power jetted.
Their strength is having the expertise for all your mechanical needs under one roof.

Plumbing Systems

Toilet Carriers

  • Sanitary Waste
  • Domestic Water
  • Water Mains
  • Gas Service and Piping

Industrial and Medical Piping Systems

  • Process Piping
  • Medical Gas
  • Special Waste Systems
  • HVAC Systems
Industrial Piping

Pre-Fab Piping Systems

Pre-Fab Pipe Skid
  • Sanitary Waste Systems
  • Process Pumps
  • Domestic Pump Skids
  • Heat Exchangers and HVAC